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And the cards shall turn

I want this site to fend for itself. I am tired of leaving it languish here on the web for months with no action and no visitors at all.

It is time to carefully go through the niche selection process, and start grinding on value addition each and every day.

I want to target a niche with some fair competition, not an overly saturated one. It should have direction and not be a dying topic.

Among my projections for 2020, should be making some $5 daily come December. That is some 2.5 months of hard work, and hopefully wise decisions along the way.

$5 daily isn’t rocket science, it all boils down to taking the site in the right direction. If I can grind through reasonable topics/niche, and establish a solid problem solving platform, the potential is unlimited.

Let the math do the math…

Now with an average of $5 daily, that means a healthy $150 every month, a amount I rarely get to in my SME. That will really make me really happy.

The amount can scale the SME, buy some furniture and go a long way in improving my living standard right here at this shithole.

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